Dos Remedios relaxes in the landscape of flowers and plants. Close ups, cropped images and simplified patterns make up this artist's body of work. All artworks are created from found imagery. The challenge is to capture the essence of these flowers in a new and revelatory way, and in doing so heighten the meaning and attraction of each flower in a unique representation.


His process joins together painting and drawing, abstraction and representation in non-traditional ways. Highly contrasted forms illuminated by the use of bright fading colors applied by airbrush contrasted with acrylic and gauche brush strokes. The combination of these elements creates a sense of tension in the work.  The work is multilayer with multiple under paintings that peak through in various points in the picture to reward the view at closer inspection.




Benedict dos Remedios was born 1979 in Sydney, Australia. He received his BFA at the National Art School, Sydney in 2001. Solo & group exhibitions include Purge, Another Gallery New York City (2018); Breast in show Group show, L'estudio Gallery New York city (2017); Works on paper group show, China Heights Gallery Sydney (2017); Wax on wax off, Happy Bones Gallery New York city (2016); Self-portrait group show, China Heights Gallery Sydney (2011); PYT group show, 388 Broadway Gallery New York City (2010); New generation: Art Sydney (2009); Last one standing, Charles Hewitt Gallery Sydney (2008); Drifting, Charles Hewitt Gallery (2007), Orchid series, The Knot Gallery Sydney (2004) Collections in the Art Bank Australia, Private collections in Australia, Spain, London & America.


Dos Remedios lives and works in New York city.