About Olsen Gruin

OLSEN GRUIN is a contemporary art gallery situated within the heart of New York's Lower East Side. It is a partnership between leading Sydney art dealer Tim Olsen and New York gallerists Emerald and Adrian Gruin.

Tim Olsen is one of Australia's best recognised art identities and successful gallery owners. Son of famed Australian artist John Olsen, Tim was born into a life of contemporary art, and through fortitude and adversity has forged his own life path.

Emerald Gruin has worked in New York for over five years as a gallery director and independent art curator. Having gained a Bachelor of Arts at Sydney University, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors at Sydney¹s National Art School, Emerald then moved to New York to launch Rox Gallery on the Lower East Side before partnering with Tim Olsen to form OLSEN GRUIN.

Adrian Gruin comes from a long family history in the arts and music, both as a cellist and collector. Adrian Gruin is a Principal at a leading strategy consulting firm.